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Kamp for Kids helps raise money to send kids and adults to camps and retreats who can't afford to go.



For children with autism and special needs:

To apply for a scholarship to attend  family camp or other fun activities send a request to info@kampforkids.org



The 3rd annual Kamp For Kids Retreat will be held August 17-19, 2018 at the

Inn Of Hope, Steinsville, Pa 19529

Any church or youth group interested in attending can contact penni49@comcast.net





If you have displayed a pretzel box in your place of business or purchased pretzels from us please watch this video.




"Rachel, with the Souderton Boys and Girls Club thanks Kamp For Kids for helping raise money to make the Buddy Bench in memory of Emma who died at age 6 of a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma.  Emma was a member of the Boys and Girls Club.  She was shy when she first came to the club but before long she was making friends and having a great time.  Her spirit of enthusiam will always be remembered.  The Buddy Bench is place children sit when they need a buddy.  The Souderton Boys and Girls Club is thankful that we provide pretzels for them to raise money for things like this."

Rachel- Souderton Boys and Girls Club


"Thank you for helping with Urban Week Scholarships! I appreciate the help with church's bringing kids to camp this summer through the pretzel fundraiser. Hope to see you at camp soon."

Jim Payne, Executive Director of Camp Orchard Hill


"Thank you for donating boxes of pretzel rods. Our guests, who are at the lowest poverty level, will enjoy these treats!"

John Clifford, Food Service Supervisor at City Team in Chester


"It was a pleasure being at the 2016 youth retreat.  The kids had a great time.  It is so refreshing to step out of the city scene and into the country, especially when you spend your time with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Much love."

Madeline Moore, Bethany Church in West Orange, NJ.


"God bless you. It was a blessing and a pleasure to be part of the 2016 youth retreat.  Thank you for including us.  Our prayers and well wishes to you for all you are doing.  Keep your hands in God's hands.  I would love to stay in touch."

Pastor David and Monica Heard, from First Baptist Church of Passtown, PA.



The official registration and financial information of Kamp For Kids may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement.



 Scholarships are often available for basketball camps and kids can meet professional basketball players!  Basketball camps are held in winter and summer.   


Basketball camps run from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday for ages 7-13 and from 9am to 12pm for ages 5-7.

Call 267-210-8592 to receive registration and scholarship information.  




Overnight camp will be held at Camp Orchard Hill

640 Orange Road,Dallas, PA 18612

Camp Orchard Hill is ranked as being one of the five top camps in Pennsylvania.


                Summer Camps 2018                                               Winter Camps 2018

       May 25-28 Family camp for all ages                        January 12-14  Grades 7-12

      June 17-23 Overnight camp for ages 8-14             January 26-28  Grades 7-12

      July 18-July 21 Overnight camp for ages 8-12      February 2-4     Grades 2-6

      July 22-28  Overnight camp for ages 13-17            February 9-11    Grades 2-6

      July 29-Aug 4 Overnight camp for ages 11-14       February 23-25 Grades 9-12

       August 5-11 Overnight camp for ages 8-14           March 2-4  Grades 7-12


Scholarships are available for underpriveleged kids and families.  Copy & paste the link below if you need a scholarship.








If you are looking for a fundraising idea, Kamp for Kids is the perfect place to start. We provide you with gourmet chocolate covered pretzels to sell to help you raise money easily.  This is the perfect fundraising idea for kids because it involves food, which is one of the best fundraising events to organize.


People of all ages, especially children are able to raise funds. We have partnerships with many businesses, including schools, mission organizations, and camps. If you are doing your own personal fundraising website for a charity, we can help provide you with fundraising tools to make it easier for you to coordinate raising funds that will help you reach your goal.






We do not ship any chocolate orders over the weekend from May- Sept., unless you are choosing Next Day Air SATURDAY DELIVERY. The reason for this is that all of the common carriers (UPS, FEDEX, DHL) will store orders shipped on Friday for Monday or Tuesday delivery in a non air conditioned trailer. This is equivalent to putting the boxes into an oven where the temperature will be over 100 degrees in the trailer. No cooler box with ice packs will protect anything perishable from a situation like that. 


If you are not sure about what method to choose for shipping when placing your online order, you can contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants for assistance in choosing the correct method for your order. We are always striving for service excellence and we check the National weather map on a daily basis to make sure your order will arrive in perfect condition.


Thanks for visiting our fundraising website! Good luck with your fundraiser!

Learn more about:

How to raise the funds to send your kids to camp

Contact us with your ideas, comments, and questions!  click here













Nuevo Reto Orphanage — Teen Trip

August 13 2018

Kamp for Kids helps American teens to be more appreciative. Imagine not knowing where you will sleep tonight, or when your next meal will be. Thousands of orphans experience this each and every day in Guatemala. This project is to continue construction on a dormitory for an orphanage, enabling them to accommodate more children.

American teens will help with school lessons, teach phonics and crafts, as well as play games with the children that live at the orphanage.  Most importantly, they will teach them about the love of God through daily devotions and bible lessons.

This trip will be hosted by Kamp For Kids.


Kamp for Kids helps to raise money for youth trips and camps. Children and teens who would like to go to camp or on a charitable trip should call 215-500-8399.


Contact us if you want to donate school supplies, shoes, or bookbags, which will be given to Nuevo Reto Orphanage in Guatemala.








Kamp For Kids runs camps, day trips, children's programs, and youth events.  Kamp For Kids is also a fundraising service that provides funds which enable children to attend Kamp For Kids programs as well as other youth programs.  Scholarships are available for all Kamp For Kids camps, Kamp For Kids day trips, as well as camps and retreats at Camp Orchard Hill.  Kamp For Kids also provides food for needy children in America.  Kamp For Kids also takes American youth to Guatemala once a year to provide supplies and volunteer support to Nuevo Reto orphanage.