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What is your goal?

This will help you to know how much product you will need.




Who will sponsor your event?

This person will coordinate your event and keep you organized.




Where to sell?

Take products to local events and school functions.  Children should also sell to family and friends.




How to sell?

Divide carriers among children. Charge at least $2 per pretzel. Have one child hold pretzels while the other collects money.




How to stay safe?

Make sure each child who is selling the pretzels is always accompanied by an adult.  Always put money away and out of sight.  






  • Schools and youth groups raise nearly $2 billion each year through sales of popular consumer products.
  • The money helps pay for programs that educate and enrich young lives.


  • Research has found 75% of Americans purchase fundraising products.


  • A well-run fundraising drive can be an experience that builds self-esteem and promotes school and community spirit.


  • Organizations can choose from fundraising products to maximize their financial return and minimize the time investment for volunteers.