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At the tender age of 12, our daughter asked us if she could go on her first missions trip. We prayed for guidance, and before we knew it, she was signed up to leave in less than 8 months. She would be joining other children on a wonderful summer journey.
We sent out her donation letter to family and friends. She needed to raise just $2,000.00.  She easily raised half the money needed. We prayed to God to guide her to find a way to raise the remaining balance.
Our family had made gourmet chocolate covered pretzel rods in the past to help our children and their friends raise money to attend camps and retreats. They were always wildly successful. This is how the "Kamp for Kids" journey began.
We pitched in as a family and made 500 bags of gourmet pretzel rods. We would take our daughter out on a Saturday afternoon for a few hours. She quickly was bringing home $100.00 an hour! Praise be to God! Before we new it she had raised the balance of her mission trip money, plus an additional $500.00 for spending money and supplies.
God was speaking to us through our daughter's success. We learned about other children who were not able to raise enough money for their missions trip. The money they already handed in was not refundable, and they had to forfeit their trip.
We knew we could not keep this idea to ourselves. We wanted to share this method of helping youth raise money for their camp, missions, or retreats.
It's very difficult for children to find ways to make money. We love the idea of being able to give our youth a chance to raise however much money they need, so no child will have to be turned away from having the opportunity to go to a camp or go on a youth trip.
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